Art Poem - by PAWS21 (video below)

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- I've truly been blessed to have built  my name and career in the custom art world. However, there are things that are sacred to me and that i will not compromise or customize.  The first of which is my personal art, in particular my canvas work. These are very dear to me as they are the product of my deepest thoughts and vision. Secondly i do not compromise my signature style of faceless art. As of 2012 I discontinued my practice of drawing faces. I truly appreciate everyones respect in this regard and look forward to creating 

        more signature PAWS21 art                                    Thanx - PAWS21

About artist PAWS21 

​    Abdul (Paws21) Gonsalves  was born in Jersey City, New Jersey in 1976 and raised in Paterson, New Jersey where he established his name in the Graffiti world in the mid 1990's under the tag name " P.S" ( the first and last letters of PAWS). It wasnt until the early 2000's that Abdul, (returning from a 7 year stay in Cleveland Ohio where he learned the art of airbrushing) began airbrushing on 21st Ave in Paterson N.J. The number 21 is representative of  21st ave in Paterson (P-Town) N.J where many local Graff artist frequented.  Upon his arrival back to New Jersey from Cleveland Ohio Abdul remarks, " Man!!, when i came back home to New Jersey  from Ohio all i remember were the huge plain white tee shirts everyone was rockin'........ NOT ONE OF THEM WAS AIRBRUSHED! I had one airbrush with me and $500 to my name.  I thought to myself, either i can sit on the $500 or spend it on a compressor and paints. Its pretty obvious what my decision".   Abdul Gonsalves better known as "Paws" is now recognized as Northern New Jersey’s premier urban artist and is heavily sought after in the custom automotive and apparel world.