About artist PAWS21 

Paws21 (Abdul Gonsalves) is a New Jersey (jersey City) based artist who specializes in airbrushing and fine art. With over twenty years of experience and knowledge of multi-surface painting, there isn’t a surface he can’t artistically enhance . He’s work is perfect  for those looking for a one-of-a-kind paint job for the business, home or vehicles. His creative approach of incorporating art to the contour of surfaces aids in the uniqueness of his style. His theory is that each surface is a work of art prior to painting it, so his art is intended to compliment and enhance the design of that surface and not take away from it.  It’s this approach that makes him sought after in the custom market.



My style is uniquely faceless so I do not draw images with faces nor do i draw images of worship.                                                          Thank you - PAWS21